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Clinic Profile

Whether you’re a sole practitioner or large therapy clinic, simply create your profile and prepopulate your clinic’s information, employees, and the funders you work with — ClinicSoft will do the rest. The system will generate reports with your logo and integrate your profile for every new patient.

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Scheduling & Calendar

Time is money. Our schedule management solution helps you organize and maximize your time, so you can care for more patients.

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Client Management

ClinicSoft has mapped out the entire life cycle of a client, from intake to discharge, with tools and forms that are integrated to work with each other. This means that intake results within the patient’s file carry over to the assessment report. Assessment and intervention plans are completed while the assessor performs direct work with the patient. Rather than gathering notes and data to then spend even more time writing a report, the assessor can generate ClinicSoft’s editable report with one click. The assessment and intervention plan seamlessly flows into the progress-monitoring phase of patient treatment. Printing or exiting a progress report can be achieved in seconds.

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Special Reports

Manage your performance with monthly, weekly, or daily summaries to stay on top of your clinic’s trends. You can run reports to review service fulfillment, number of cancellations, hours to invoice funders, hours owed to employees for payroll, copay balances, reports due within 30 days, patient discharges, and number of net referrals.

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